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I got my new IPhone today and decided to download the updated app. What a mistake!!! I have been a premium member for approximately five years. This new app is terrible and extremely user unfriendly. It doesnt allow you to see or do nearly as much as the old app. I am truly considering giving up Geocaching for a new hobby.

Easy & Fun

With this app I am always ready to search. Makes downtime on business trips fun and has introduced me to some great locations.

I bought it and it was stolen

I also paid $10 for their app. I thought the price was a little high but love geocaching so I bought in for the convenience of the app. Now, I have to pay to get what I already paid for? Ground Speak will get no more of my money. Im sure there are enough suckers out there that will foolishly give them their money to keep this app up and running. But I will do it the old fashioned way of putting coordinates from the website into my gps or maybe Ill just switch to playing Pokémon Go.

This new version is AWFUL

I have been a Premium Member for 10 years and this new app leaves a lot to be desired. 1. Saving caches is a chore. 2. I use the app to get in the vicinity and then use my GPS. Its no longer easy to get the coordinates. 3. After a week, I havent figured out how to switch to Geocaching. Com which was easy before when desired. 4. The old app was easy to learn w/o directions. This one is still difficult even after reading the directions. I think I will be doing more of my caching at home on my computer and then going out with my GPS. I have no idea why GC Hdq has messed up a GREAT app! After 3 months of experience with the new app, my opinion has not changed.

Forced premium subscription now!?!?

Ive used this app for years and have loved playing it with my kids. I paid the $10 back then for the full version and now I cant even filter caches without paying!? You guys are going to lose a lot of players that way. How can I go back to the previous version? Id really like a response because I filter to only the large caches to enjoy with my kids. The micros are boring to them without swag.


I love this app, I am new to this but this app has shown some potential! I love how I can use the map when Im offline, since my iPhone doesnt use data, and that I am able to get really, really close to GZ. But, (there is always a but) I have one tiny problem, i dont have the premium membership yet so it cant tap on 85% of the caches. And I also wish I could access my profile I little better, like the website. Other than that, this app is great! Peace. ✌

So much fun

I dont understand the negative reviews. I have had very few issues. The coordinate compass is off and throws me in circles when Im really close sometimes, but that could just as easily be an issue with my phone.

Totally fun!

I visited HQ today and have already found 4 local ones by the time I wrote this. Its a fun adventure to have with your friends!

Dont waste your money

The app used to be good. Paid $10 for it but now I have very few geocaches to choose from unless I pay for the "Premium". I Already paid a lot for the app and then it got changed so that I can pay more and more. I recommend that people keep looking for a different geocaching app.

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Love this app, that is, we loved it until you put those big green circles with numbers in them representing the premium caches on the map. Its so frustrating dealing with them since they appeared and very annoying when showing the app to newbies and I have to give a disclaimer to ignore those when they are using it for the first time.


I like the new app and use it interchangeably with the original app. I like the original map and feel but I like the way the new app pulls up more caches near me.

Fairly good app

Overall, this app is pretty good. My main gripe is when user wants to CREATE a new geocache, app isnt very helpful. Maybe this app has the capability...but it sure isnt intuitive. Otherwise, this app does the job.

Gates behind payments.

Had this app a few years ago and used it enthusiastically. Recently moved to a new city and downloaded it again -- so many caches and features in general require payment. Immediately deleted and given 1 star. Disappointed, will look to other geocaching apps.

LOVE the app, but where did apple watch app go??

This app makes it really easy to follow the directions and find caches!! It used to have an apple watch app though and i loved it so much, where did it go??

My $10 app is gone with new iPhone

Now that I upgraded phones, my backed up data will not allow me to install my older version of this app. Im forced to use the new subscription model and I hate having yet ANOTHER subscription to worry about.


Kids love this app. Takes you to places you would likely never go.

Great but Needs more work

If you are new to geocaching this app has tutorials to get you through your first few caches and show you the etiquette of the game. I like the marriage between the compass and map, though for some reason the previous app. map shows more accurately I really like being able to drop a line to the cache owner and other cachers. Please find a way to turn off the alert when you get close to GZ and add a list view. I have a premium membership and didnt realize how limited this is till I tried to find a cache with my grandsons phone


Still trying to navigate my way around the new look and find it difficult to find things compared to the old app but were getting there

Great, user friendly, No issues using or loading caches. Always gets me to the area with in a couple feet of cache.

Used to be great

I had this app a few years ago and loved it. Tried it again today... it kept freezing up the phone so horribly I finally just deleted it.

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