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Great software!

This is a great software that allows you to have fun in a fit and adventurous way.

Amazing app

Really funny and creative app. Loved it!


If there had been also project from current position and enter manually a waypoint, I had given 5 stars


This new version of the app is not loading geocaches properly for me; the last version worked fine. Can you please fix this for the geocaching community?

Great App

I wish I could use it to submit caches but other than that its great.

Groundspeak is Greedy

This new version of the geocaching app has ruined it for me and others. To demand I pay $30 a year to see 90% of the caches is a joke. It used to be about getting people out and about. Now its about making money, nothing else.


Love this app. Just introduced to it a few months ago. Figuring out different things as we go (i.e. trackables). Great for the whole family anytime anywhere. Bought some merch and looking forward to hiding a few caches.


Hooked in a day my new hobby and a way to get out of the house

Good but still needs some work

This app works well, but still a few issues: -cant see cache attributes -cant log a needs maintenance or achieved log Also for truly offline caching it would be nice to have a feature to save maps offline. Also kills my battery. Keep working on making the app better!

Good but needs a lot of amelioration

-Would like to have the choice of map, direct to the cache or by witch the street to go to the cache. -being able to put the favorites points direct with the app -put More choice in the preference selection menu like: caches with trackable items, night caches, caches with x favorites and more,


Well done

Limited geocaches

Most geocaches in my area are mystery and traditional advanced, both require you to upgrade to premium.


The best app ever

Fun weekend hobby.

Good app. But it wont alert me @ 30 meters away unless I have my phone open. An audio alert would be nice when my phone is closed when approaching a cache. I have found myself to have walked way past a cache on a steep trail so I passed it by.

Very limited use -- other phones have better apps.

This app is such a money grab and is not very helpful. My partner has the app on their Samsung and is much more user friendly. I understand about limiting certain caches for the premiums, but not even allowing me to see what Ive already found in list form is quite frustrating.


Works great we are having a lot of fun with this

So much fun!

Our new obsession! Weve only been at it for a week and already have 15 down :)

Still needs work

Like others have said, this app needs further improvements. Its not intuitive or fully functioning. Id like to see my souvenirs in the app and to report that a cache needs maintenance.

Solid app

Nice app that has got frequent use. As I dont have much data, the offline lists and map come in super handy!

Used to love ... Now hate

I paid $$$ for this app a few years ago. It was great. Now I have to SUBSCRIBE!? So its now its out of my league.

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